Teaching and Learning Philosophy

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled - Plutarch


I believe that by engaging curiosity and applying experiential learning principles, a student centered inquiry based approach obtains the most vitalizing learning results.  It is critical to consider developmental stages and adapt program content and learning objectives to ensure that a diversity of learning modalities are served.


As a teacher, I am a guide with a certain expertise, knowledge and set of tools prepared to work with fellow travelers on the learning journey. My role is to facilitate the development of the gifts of each learner as well as cultivate collaboration in the group as opportunities and challenges present themselves. In my approach to art making and teaching, the course outcome or idea provides a horizon point and a navigation marker; however, the journey to realize this goal may provide greater opportunity for learning and vital experience than obtaining the exact preconceived goal itself. Through the course curriculum, students are encouraged to explore and push the boundaries of assignments in a accord with their creative drive and individual insights.