Approach to Art

Recognizing that we exist during a time of rapid technological innovation that simultaneously harbours the promise of unprecedented economic abundance and fear of ecological collapse, my work seeks to negotiate an uneasy dialogue and synthesis between apparently oppositional worldviews.  Occupying the liminal space between worlds, exploring ephemeral beauty and catalyzing agency through image, installation, and sculpture, I endeavour to wayfind between the emotions of joy, sorrow, and fragility and the need for focused evidenced based action during this time of deep change. Consequently, my current studio practice has evolved to focus on site specific and community-based ceremonial public artworks that explore issues of place, culture, ecology and spatio-temporal cognition.


My research and development process integrates collaborators, concepts, and tropes from a span of disciplines including ecology, biology, psychology, sociology, archeology, semiotics, computer science, engineering and neuroscience. At present, I am expanding my hands on understanding of permaculture and ecological restoration in an effort to evolve my technical skill in designing and executing relational and systems based artworks.


I believe that the creative arts continue to play a critical adaptive role in the evolution of individuals and societies by engendering wisdom in the dance between science and the humanities. As an artist who also functions as a researcher and educator, I am interested in exploring how art based creative and learning processes can deepen empathy and awareness.Through the creative arts we can develop a better cognitive map and set of behaviours that hold the potential for us to more successfully navigate the biologic reality that supports our existence. The creative arts have the ability to enable the translation of complex ideas between disciplines and cultures by cultivating and encouraging intuitive leaps and enhancing the learning experience of the liminal space between disciplinary and cultural worldviews.