2015-2016 Transformation in Earth and Stone

Collaborative community based ceremonial public art work

Collaboration with Xwalacktun - Squamish Nation

Fort McMurray First Nation, AB


Transformation in Earth and Stone is a community-based artwork that was

co-designed and created with youth, adults, and elders of Fort McMurray

First Nation #468 and financed by the community. The artist team included

Xwalactun (Squamish Nation) and Cleo Reese (local Media Artist and

Educator). As the leader of the artist team, I conceptualized, developed, and led execution. The 50' medicine wheel garden installation incorporated a

'Thunderbird Egg' or erratic boulder a the central part of the design. The

boulder along with four direction stones and multiple smaller stones were

etched in petroglyph style by community members with the guidance of artist

team members. Elders were so moved by the work that it was also designated

a ceremonial site for future community gatherings and honourings.