2003 Desire for Sale

Digital Billboard Print - 8'x16'

Centre A, Vancouver, BC; A Space, Toronto, Ontario; Durban Cultural and Documentation Centre, Durban, South Africa; Ruins and Civilization, Eslite Vision Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan.

E-Mail processed image installed on billboard in gallery. The original image was sent by e-mail to  each of the locatable descendents of the individuals in the image. Each descendent printed out the image, rescanned it and then e-mailed it back to the artist. The artist sent it to the next descendent and so on. The final degraded image was recomposed with text repeated text “Desire is your only limit”.  The process of creating it mapped the dissolution of family and the false closeness inherent in the spread of communication technology. The work also examines the nature of desire and how this drives the flow and movement of people around the world.